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Brothers A Tale of Two Sons is one of the best story mode game, this game story is between two brothers on a village there are so many sad moments inside in this game. Game Graphics and game story is phenomenal gane size is not so large and this game is complete offline also this game is supported all android devices and this version is a remastered.

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons APK is an adventure, puzzle solving game where you travel across a stunning fantasy land full of dangers in search of a cure for your sick father. This is a very story driven game yet it lacks any real dialogue. The characters speak to one another but in a fictional language so much of the story is told through the use of body language, tone and music.

The interesting mechanic of the game is that you control both brothers at once. You will frequently get them mixed up, sometimes with rather hilarious results. Although there are puzzles to solve, they aren’t there to stump you. Most are very simple to solve though there are a few that had me scratching my head for quite a while, normally because I’d forgotten something obvious.
As you progress you really get the feeling that you are just two children in what is a rich, complex world with so many other stories taking place that you are just walking through. The sense of immense scale to this world really draws you in. A common complaint is it’s a bit on the short side. I completed the story in about 2 hours and although you can replay it to look for the hidden secrets and achievements there isn’t much more to do.


BROTHERS : A TALE OF TWO SONS BROTHERS : A TALE OF TWO SONS Reviewed by The Youtuber on April 22, 2020 Rating: 5


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