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Gta 4 Android v3.0

Gta 4 new new version of 3.0 is now available for android and this it was great graphics and textures also added a new car, gta 4 is a muvh awaited game of rockstar company in android hut there are so many companies which made fan version of this game which is really greatful and interesting Gameplay.

The map is designed with New York City in the United States as the original GTA4 Game. Realistically restores most of the style of New York (four of the five districts in New York City will appear in the game), but in this work, all the blocks and place names have been modified . For example, the original Manhattan Bridge was called the Algonquin Bridge in the game, the Brooklyn area was changed to the Broker area, and the Queens area was renamed the Dukes area, even one of the iconic buildings in the United States. The Statue of Liberty has also been rebranded as the Statue of Happiness, and the torch in his hand has also been changed to a Statue of Happiness.

The Map area of ​​the entire city is not as big as San Andreas, but the details are much better than the latter, and there are only big cities in the game, and there are no places like suburbs or wilderness. There are no NPCs available right now in the game but will surely get them with an update. GTA 4 Mobile Edition APK is just a fan made game for those who wants to try something unique or do some gameplays on YouTube.

Gta 4 Android v3.0 Gta 4 Android v3.0 Reviewed by The Youtuber on May 03, 2020 Rating: 5


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