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Happy Wheels Android Download

Happy Wheels is one of the funniest game on this planet. YouTubers Made millions Streaming and uploading videos about Happy Wheels. Released on PC and App Store and now Happy Wheels apk is finally available on Android as well. A Well Physics based obstacle bicycle game where your goal is to clear levels by avoiding different obstacles. The most funnier part arrives when your character gets hit or get thrown out in obstacles.

You know your game gets hit when all of the YouTuber community gets millions of views because of this funny game. The most amazing thing about this game is its physics. Whenever you do mistakes in the game your character will have to pay by loosing its had or leg. The Android version is same as its original release game. Happy Wheels 3D is also available but right now we have got its 2D version on Android.
The game is still in beta stage so its full version APK already with all levels to unlock. Happy Wheels for Full Version will be added if there will be any IAP in the official Release. Ads are not available as well. So its a Full Version of Happy Wheels Available to Download on Andropalace. If you want to try something new then Happy Wheels on Android is as good as its PC Version. Most Funny yet amazing physics based game.


Happy Wheels Android Download Happy Wheels Android Download Reviewed by The Youtuber on July 23, 2020 Rating: 5


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