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MindCell Android Apk

Developer Ray Spark has been creating indie premium games since few years. Their slaughter game series is their most famous and amazing series to play on android devices. This time developers tried something new and amazing. Mindcell Story is based on sci-fi stories and gameplay is TPS style hack and slash cm action shooter. For the premium game lovers this TPS Offline Mindcell APK is a must play game.

There is a story in the game and its about escaping the great scientific lab. In slaughter we were trying to escape prison and in this game you have to escape from labs. Game starts from escaping and what you have to do is find answers about what’s happening in the lab,How you got in to this mess and find an escape route.

Gameplay is a combination of action adventure hack and slash combined with a gun play. You will be facing few bosses and different kind of robotic enemies. Simply hack and slash enemies or you can use guns to take down enemies. There are different characters and cut-scenes which you can enjoy while completing the game. Mindcell APK is a fun action adventure game which you can even play without internet.

MindCell Android Apk MindCell Android Apk Reviewed by The Youtuber on July 05, 2020 Rating: 5

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