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Pascal Wager Android

It’s nice to finally have a decent souls-like game on Android mobiles. There is no denying though, its similarity to FromSoftware’s games, ie DrakBDrak souls,  Sekiro, or even the recent Jedi: Fallen Order.  It doesn’t quite match the graphical fidelity of those souls-like games, but the quality of gameplay is not far off here.

This is a flagship experience to be played in the palm of your hands, without annoying mobile gatcha mechanics.
Pascal’s Wager is incredibly hard. It will take you a while to understand the mechanics, especially if you’re new to this genre. There are a few playable characters in the game. all bringing very different play styles to the table. The voice acting is okay. It’s pretty average, let’s be honest.

Pascal’s Wager APK looks pretty great on this device. It’s definitely the best-looking game I’ve seen on mobile. I’d say the graphics would match seventh generation consoles like PS3, Xbox 360, something like that. The game is also quite dark. Pascal’s wager is a decent premium Dark Souls like game available on Android. You must try it once.

Pascal Wager Android Pascal Wager Android Reviewed by The Youtuber on July 05, 2020 Rating: 5


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