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The Academy Android

The Academy The First Riddle APK is an offline adventure game from Snapbreak games. Their most famous games series is Faraway Escape games which are known for their rich puzzles and gameplay. But this time they have created something unique and adventurous. The Academy APK is their adventure about a Magical School life including story telling and puzzling gameplay. Downloading Academy APK will give you all 3 chapters unlocked gameplay. You will have to purchase episodes but downloading The Academy The First Riddle APK you will have all those 3 chapters unlocked and ready to play. Harry potter universe inspired game but with different genre. There are harry potter games available on Android but they are kinda boring but The Academy offers amazing gameplay and story-telling adventure that you will love to play. Stories about Arbor’s Academy, The Academy The First Riddle lets you exploring your new school, solving over 200 new amazing puzzles and riddles, and ultimately unraveling a centuries-old mysteries. Amazing graphics just like Faraway Escape games but this time you will have more puzzles and rich contents to enjoy. Graphics are polishing and looks great. Puzzles are refreshing and somewhat unique. The Academy First Riddle Full Version has hours of content. Stories are divided in 3 different chapters which are already unlocked for free in this Academy APK. If you like playing Harry Potter or Bully Style games then you should play this game.

The Academy Android The Academy Android Reviewed by The Youtuber on July 20, 2020 Rating: 5


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