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God of war Fan Android

A critical darling, and one of this critic’s favorite games of the generation. It was already a coup for Sony to get From Software to make an exclusive, but it’s even more impressive that arguably the best From Software game out there is an exclusive of any kind. Brooding, intense, and endlessly maddening, Bloodborne is the sort of game it’s worth buying a console for.

God of War: The franchise had fallen on hard times, but Sony Santa Monica pulled off a miraculous transformation. The God of War  reboot was praised from basically all angles for its ability to translate both the narrative and gameplay of the series to a new context without losing track of what made it tick in the first place. Plus it’s got that axe you can throw and then catch and it’s great.

This was the fan made version and its Completely offline size of this game is 104mb only, God of war mobile fan version graphics is really good there are so many enemies on your path you have to fight with them, so this fan version is quite impressive.


God of war Fan Android God of war Fan Android Reviewed by The Youtuber on August 02, 2020 Rating: 5


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