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Pubg Mobile erangel 2.0 beta apk

All right you’ve probably heard of PUBG which stands of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. PUBG MOBILE released globally. this game has sort of come out of nowhere and smashed all manner of industry records. well now it’s finally come to mobile the same giant sprawling open world in your hands. it’s on both Android and iOS. There are three versions of PUBG Mobile. First of all PUBG Timi Studio APK, PUBG Lightspeed Quantum Chinese Version and English Versions.

There are no big differences of PUBG by Timi Studio or PUBG Chinese LightSpeed Version. The only difference i have found is the graphics quality is little differ and optimizations. TIMI STUDIO PUBG is not available in English Yet. Latest Versions of Erangel 2.0 version added.

The Game PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds places you and 99 others in a plane that is fly above an island. you then choose when to jump out and try to parachute to cover or your gather resources pick up weapons and then try to become the last man standing. there’s also an arcade mode which has only 28 players and creates a spin on the original game like only sniper rifles or melee only. As a premise this is all pretty exciting.

Game graphics are always a two-sided coin and an equally interesting question is how good can it look. so there are a few different graphics options here the lowest scales things about Big Time medium looks a lot better and high is gonna be what you’ll use on most recent flagship phones. The game looks amazing it’s powered by Unreal Engine so you’ve got high resolution textures all the way around well animated characters and vast draw distances.

In this beta version pubg provided 90fps graphic qaulity and erangel 2.0 new map this update will be roll out in 0.19.5version, but you can play this erangel version in this beta update, the size of this apk is 1.35gb.

Pubg Mobile erangel 2.0 beta apk Pubg Mobile erangel 2.0 beta apk Reviewed by The Youtuber on August 07, 2020 Rating: 5


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